How to prevent monitoring from the Internet

Today, hundreds of millions of users are particularly active on the Internet. Many of them have shared and vast amounts of personal information. The Internet is the perfect place to track people without them even knowing. How to prevent this?

1. Remember that everything you post online is public. If you are not responsible for any statement, you better do not post it.
2. Inform yourself about the latest online threats, such as newly discovered security flaws in a number of popular programs, new viruses, etc. So you will know the elements of the Internet, where the time is too risky.
3. Use additional services to hide your user data. For example QuitStalkingMe, ConnectSafely, WiredSafety and others.
4. Introduces important personal and financial data only websites with secured and encrypted connection. In modern browsers it is indicated visually by color change of address field or text signals. HTTPS connections can be invaluable in such situations.
5. If you notice that someone constantly watching your profile on a site, or even receive disturbing messages in any case they do not respond and do not communicate with that individual in any way. Just promptly notify the site administrator and if necessary - and authorities.

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