The case of the defeated "Invincible"

The general opinion about the new Hollywood production"Expendables" whirling with tremendous force. Afterproizvodotelite the film, said that he downloaded than 10 million people who, according to them saga had to pay fines remains to prove that the film is watched after downloading .....because this is actually the offense that eventually brought their losses. It turns out that most users who have downloaded the movie anyway had no desire to go to the movies and pay for the spectacle. I myself would not, although I have not seen. 
The trailer of the film shows sufficient quality. First, it appears that some cents of every holder of information is just for"copyright". How to distribute the money and where it goes is unknown to the general public. Actually QUALITY movies idea,thought and message are still being made, but not in Hollywood. Doing so is because Hollywood is somehow reached the conclusion that most of humanity is the default dull and therefore prefers shitty movies. Of course not for overrunning the fact that an intelligent person sometimes needs to view a spectacular film without him having to feelings and thoughts when constantly makes in his life .... The third major payments such investigations are featuring supplier,which is tied to an employer and are required for downloading pornographic materials ..... there is no shame to make the offender pay quickly. The moral side of the issue has nothing to speak, as undoubtedly proven interceptions United States did not bring any action against them that on the contrary, the man who dared to declare them is wanted in wood and stone from them. If there is a problem then it is the owners of Torrent and other sites that benefit from the huge traffic this visit brings some good advertising revenue. however, if you look at their site you will see ..... banners of those movies .... and other products to companies who otherwise complain about pirating...?!?!? It turns out that almost manufacturers benefit from piracy, as such sites are advertised ... maybe theirs? Overall, this performance is more like free advertising than more. Of course users accused of piracy, have the right to file lawsuits for defamation, which are measurements because as demonstrated no problem downloading and viewing. Every little bit of familiar user knows that certain files that weighed only then to be able to seeding and thus to get a rating. Most consumers have not seen and 1, 10 of the films that are downloaded. Many a different issue stands a graded software downloaded from the Internet. If Uncle Bill decides to harass people using its operating system, seemingly would have been entitled. Would but only at first glance. Actually it turns out that people working with OS Windows are actively involved in its development, the system is constantly sending reports some errors in the work and without pay for that user. Other companies employ entire teams of testers who pay for opening any problems in their software. Actions related to search fines would lead to retaliation cases ultimately his company may even lose money instead of win. Additional users may be directed to equally good free alternatives like Linux, and thus would contribute to their development, and they carried away and paying to deal with this.