Singapore scientists promise two years battery that can be charged in minutes

Today came another news about the achievements of scientists in the field of batteries. They have managed to create lithium-ion battery that can be charged to 70% in two minutes. Furthermore, the development of an operational period of about 20 years. This result is achieved thanks to the special anode made ​​of nanotubes of titanium dioxide (usually made of graphite). It is unknown, however, how expensive the production of such anodes, but overall titanium dioxide is widely spread in nature. 
Currently, the technology is licensed for further proceedings. In addition, researchers have promised that the first battery of the new generation will appear in the next few years. In this connection, however, we must remember the use of titanium dioxide anode from three years ago, so these promises is hard to believe. If, despite all these batteries really come to market, they will lead to a small revolution in the automotive industry, for example, giving a huge boost to the further development of electric vehicles.