Your e-cigarette is a "Trojan horse"! Literally!

Electronic cigarettes may be better for your health than real, but it can seriously damage your computer, write British media, referring to a recent study.Data published in Reddit, confirming fears that some of the devices contain malware that can infect a computer that is loaded.
Members have already established that their computers are infected with a specific virus that has been encoded into the charger.Because the software is injured the whole operating system. To prevent this need users to have secure antivirus protection.In addition it can block your computer, however, the cigarette is dangerous for another reason. Until now documented more than 100 cases in the UK of ignition. In Wales electronic cigarette exploded. Not to mention increase the bacteria in your body by inhalation of vapors.It is obvious that electronic cigarettes are not as dangerous as their conventional predecessors, but it seems that there is still much to learn about their effects.