The most successful iPhone apps for 2014

Year still is not quite over, but can not help but make some generalizations about the past 11 months. One area particularly fertile for such stock is that of smartphones, namely the creation of applications.
Since the volume of "applications" for smartphones is solid, the chance to find the best without being super famous, not great. Namely to have your help, I will show you some clever applications for iOS, which appeared in 2014.

1. Acorns

We are all aware that long-term financial success needs smart investment. Yes, but every beginning is difficult and decisive. Acorns helps to calm a startup venture, paying attention to the other after an investment of money. The application collects them in a special portfolio, which is monitored by a financial expert. You can choose how to invest, and everything else takes care widget. The app is free, but if you start investing, you want a dollar a month.

2. Humin

The most successful iPhone apps for 2014


Humin reorder your contacts to your relationship with them. So much easier and you can quickly search through your phone numbers, creating their thematic lists. Application learns from your behavior and the use of the phone and the more you work through it, the more it becomes intuitive.