Best-paid positions in the IT industry

Technology industry worldwide is experiencing serious hunger for specialists. The problem of this market is that it is very dynamic and rapidly changing requirements. Today seek professionals a platform tomorrow another, and absorption takes time. Specialized site for job search in the technology sector publish the results of its examination of the most highly-paid skills in the IT sector. The study involved 23,470 IT professionals, was conducted in the fall of 2014. It shows what professionals can expect the biggest salaries (in case salaries are annual). In tenth place is Hadoop. People who understand this technology, which is in the center of Big Data, can expect an annual salary of 121,313 dollars - with goals 11.6% more than a year earlier. In ninth place is the Flume. This is a method for moving massive amounts of information and to implement them in Hadoop systems.
Flume specialists can expect an annual salary of about 123,186 dollars. The eighth position is for professionals Chef. This is software that helps employees to automate tasks to optimize the performance of the servers. Familiar with Chef can receive 123,458 dollars a year. Seventh place is reserved for ABAP. This is a programming language developed by SAP and is used to create business applications that integrate or software based on SAP. Payment Professionals ABAP jumped 24% last year and is now 124,262 dollars a year.In sixth place is the Pig. This is a programming language that allows users to extract data from Hadoop and find various applications of Big Data arrays. Salaries for professionals Pig jumped 13%, and 124,563 dollars a year.Fifth position is HBase. This is another technology which is based on Hadoop. Through it can be sorted and stored information to be grouped. Remuneration for such professionals has increased by 20% last year and is now 126,369 dollars. Specialists Cloudera you can expect about 126,816 per year.Cloudera has a special platform, which aims to facilitate the work with Hadoop significantly. The top three enter MapReduce - another technology associated with Hadoop. This is a method that allows Hadoop to store information on a plurality of inexpensive servers. The annual salary for specialists MapReduce is 127,315 dollars, the study of Second is Cassandra. This is a method for databases that are gradually becoming the preferred mobile and cloud services.Annual salaries for professionals Cassandra amounted to 128,646 dollars. The most highly-paid professionals are PaaS (Platform as a Service). This is one of the biggest trends at the moment, allowing storage of everything a programmer needs in the cloud. The tools for writing application to the application itself when done. The annual salary for specialists PaaS amounted to 130,081 dollars.