New information superprotsesorite Intel Knights Landing (Xeon Phi)

Intel introduced new information about their chips Intel Knights Landing, mass production of which has already started and the first models will be presented to the market in the second half of this year. Will produce three types of chips

 Knights Landing: independent processors, co-processors and chips with integrated modules (integrated fabric).Knights Landing will have 60 to 72 processor cores type X86, produced by 14 nanometer process technology. Was also changed the architecture of nuclei. Processor cores in new chips Knights Landing have Intel Silvermont architecture capable of extraordinary performance of processor instructions.
A new element in these superprotsesori is that unless coprocessors and boards to accelerate calculations will offer complete server processors that can work with operating systems Linux and Windows. Each such chip is composed of about 8 billion transistors, without clipboard, which is placed close to the crystal.The new processors have quite large. CPU with cache size is approximately a bank card. The buffer memory is intermediate between cache and RAM. The new processors can address up to 384 GB of RAM, and productivity than 3 teraflopsa for double precision numbers. For now, NVIDIA, AMD and IBM have such fast chips.