Epic Battle Royale in Civilization 5 with 42 computer civilizations continues

World War 42 computer civilizations continues unabated after last week interrupted for technical reasons. The game regularly stops working after 239 th move when Japan must make his move. The reintroduction of the game, the situation is repeated. At the end of last week, the game has grown so much that its charging lasted over 20 minutes.Fortunately, Firaxis intervene and decided to use this information to improve the code of the game. 2K Games download files and clarify the situation. It turned out that the reason for discontinuation is too much water combat units created by artificial intelligence, fighting for Japan.
Firaxis specialists have modified the code so that it can operate and be recorded by the large number of naval units. There was information that was necessary to manually destroy the naval force of the Kyoto Protocol. This is unofficial information and will continue to monitor what is happening with this interesting idea.The organizer of this World War Civilization 5, known by the pseudonym TPangolin, is now trying to raise funds to install more powerful hardware for the game. Battle Royale is monitored by a great many people. There were many comments as one of the most common is that our world will happen the same, if we allow the war be fought by machines.