Successfully attacked during Hacker.

Four major browser had successfully attacked during Hacker contest Pwn2Own, held in Vancouver. The participants in this prestigious competition were awarded bonuses to total $ 557,500 for 21 critical vulnerabilities displayed in browsers, as well as Windows, Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader.He broke browser Chrome, which is generally very difficult target. Demonstrated by lokihardt exploit works well in the stable and beta version of Chrome. It surrounds protection, including virtual mechanism and ASLR technology.
The greatest reward received hacker Hin Lee Jung (Jung Hoon Lee), also known as lokihardt.
To open a bug in Chrome hacker Pwn2Own received record for amount of 75 000 US dollars. Other $ 25,000 were awarded to enhance the rights in Windows OS and another $ 10,000 for that vulnerability works in the beta version of Chrome. Overall there - $ 110 000. The organizers of the competition estimated that lokihardt won by 916 US dollars for each second of his presentation, which lasted about two minutes. That's not all. Jung Hoon Lee Hack and 64-bit version of Internet Explorer 11 by JavaScript injection. This hack bring him $ 65,000.Finally lokihardt demonstrate use-after-free exploit for Safari, which won another $ 50,000.Eventually Jung Hoon Lee received a total of $ 225,000 and proved that hackers may well earn ...