Windows 10 may be the last version of the operating system of its kind in this

New Windows 10 is on the horizon and with its release, Microsoft will try to change the way consumers look at the operating system. The company plans to manage Windows 10 more as a service, not a traditional operating system users periodically expect the next version. During the conference, Ignite this week, Microsoft hinted that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows as we know it.Of course, the company does not plan to leave the system in weightlessness, but to maintain it in a constant state of evolution with regular updates and improvements. "At the moment we can not talk about the future branding, but consumers can be confident that Windows 10 will remain an updated and will power a variety of devices from computers in Surface Hub and HoloLens to XBOX.
We hope for a long and full of innovation future, "said a company spokesman. So the future of Windows is in the direction of the updates and not the release of new versions. Perhaps they will be placed when they are needed and not at regular intervals - a strategy that Microsoft confirmed with the news that will eliminate the practice of so-called. Patch Tuesday. Instead, Windows 10 will be divided into various components, so that various applications can be updated at whatever the core of the system. The creation of a universal system is a serious challenge to Microsoft. So far, most analysts agree that it is unlikely that the company did not release never new operating system. Even supports Windows 10 with many updates, Microsoft can not predict the direction in which you will develop the technology and the needs that will determine the appearance of an operating system. For example, the touchscreen interface of Windows 8 was something that just could not be provided before the advent of laptops with touch screen. In theory, Microsoft could decide to run Windows 11 or Windows 12 at some point in the future, but if users upgrade to Windows 10, and regular updates do their job, could be that people simply accept the "Windows" without having to worry about serial number.