Google introduced radar wearable electronics

Department for new technologies Google ATAP at the conference Google I / O performed quite unusual technology Project Soli. Project Soli radar is integrated into tiny chip that can be embedded in any objects - mirrors, stoves, clothes, televisions, in fact, all objects that interact with people.
Now they will be able to recognize gestures and finger movements with accuracy better than 1 millimeter. It is not necessary to use cameras and additional equipment, more so now no cameras can not track movements at a rate of 10 000 frames per second, as does Soli. Soli whole system is very compact. With its help, audio column can begin to recognize gestures. Or technology to be built into wristwatches. This project has a future, because with the help of Project Soli management of small handheld devices becomes very easy, without the use of tiny buttons and regulators. During the Google I / O was demonstrated early prototype technology Soli, but even he strongly impresses because recognition accuracy and speed of work are very high, and the radar detects even the smallest nuances in the movement of fingers in arm.