Five useful tricks in "Vaybar" that you might not know!

It has been five years since "Viber." first stepped on the stage. For this period the application has evolved and today enjoys great popularity, writes
To date "Vaybar" has registered over 200 million users in more than 193 countries worldwide. The reason for its popularity lies not only in the ability to send messages, but also in adaptive emoticons and stickers that make it stand out from other similar applications.
"Viber" has some new features that are worth exploring. From CNet gives us 5 tips for better work with Viber.

 1. Disable notifications

- Go to the bottom right of the screen when you open the application and select 'Navicon', then select 'Settings'.
- Then go to 'Notifications' and deactivate the option 'light screen for messages'.

 2. To delete individual messages in conversations

- Enter the chat room and single message you want to delete.
- Press for a long time on the message, and select 'Delete'.
You can delete the message and go to 'Navicon' and then select 'Edit messages'. Now select the message you want to delete and press the icon to the trash can located on the bottom right corner of the application.

 3. Change the option Wi-Fi sleep policy

By default, Viber, keep your Wi-Fi active all the time, so that your friends have a permanent relationship with you. Here's what you can do:
- Click 'Navicon' from the main page of the application and then select 'Settings'.
- Select the 'General' and press 'Wi-Fi sleep policy'.
- Now select 'Use device's settings'.

4. 'decorated' photos

Viber lets you draw something on each photo that you store on your Android device. Here's what to do:
- Choose any photo and then press 'Navicont'. Select 'Doodle on this photo'.
- Experiment with different brushes and colors.
- When you are finished, press SEND, to send a photo of your friend Viber.

 5. Call abroad

Viber Out is a service that allows users to make international calls from landlines and mobile phones at low prices using the application. Credits for this service can be purchased through in-app purchases by credit card or PayPal. Use your phone to go to Choose one of three credit packages ($ 4.99, $ 9.99 and $ 24.99.