The share of Windows 10 in May increased by almost 50%

The market share of the preliminary desktop version of Windows 10 has reached 0.13% in May, marking the highest growth in the upcoming operating system that is still in the trial period. According to the statistical company NetMarketshare, the new value represents a jump of almost 50 percent compared to figures for the previous month. According to the latest information provided by Microsoft, the operating system is currently used by more than 4 million users globally. It is assumed that the number of installations of Windows 10 is even greater. 
The software company has already confirmed that the official launch of Windows 10 will be July 29, when the platform will be available in 190 countries and territories worldwide. Current owners of Windows 7 and 8.h will have a whole year in which to update their machines to Windows 10 free. Itself a new operating system will be maintained continuously update with the idea for it to be more service, not just one encapsulated version.Windows 10 is available from October 2014 as a Technical Preview version. In this way, Microsoft is preparing for perhaps the most important launch of its product in the last two decades. In turn, the share of Windows 8 has risen from 3.50% in April to 3.57 percent in May and by 14.66% in April, now Windows 8.1 is already installed on 16.45% of the machines. At the same time, the share of Windwos XP dropped from 15.9 percent in April to 14.6 percent in May.