Windows 10 came out for Raspberry Pi 2

Earlier this month, Microsoft introduced the Windows operating system 10 IoT Core Insider Preview and promised that this OS will work with the minicomputer Raspberry Pi 2.
And now the first version of the new OS can be downloaded from GitHub (ms-iot.github .io) and installed. 
Note that to install Windows 10 Raspberry Pi 2 is required to be fulfilled some system requirements: power must be via standard microUSB under voltage 5 V, should have included a monitor via HDMI interface must have an Internet connection via Ethernetand must be placed external memory card with a capacity of 8 GB. To install the operating system needed a complete PC or laptop with already pre-installed version of Windows 10.
The full installation instructions published by Microsoft GitHub. It could say that the ability to install Windows 10 on such a small device such as Raspberry Pi 2 is a great event for the software giant. For programmers and developers, this means that the familiar Windows OS can be installed virtually anywhere, and Microsoft has tightly will enter the domain of minicomputers and portable electronics.