100 million installations of Windows 10

Many web portals reported that two months after the release of Windows OS 10, the number of new operating systems installed reached 100 million. This is how Microsoft complete 10% of the plan to 1 billion installations of Windows 10 for three years.
This propagation speed is a good indicator of the Corporation, for the great interest in the new operating system causes programmers and developers to create more apps for Windows 10. The number of installations of the new OS is expected to grow even faster, thanks to the recent Agreement between Microsoft and Baidu. According to analysts, this resulted in a sharp increase of interest to Windows 10 in China. At the beginning of October this year is scheduled news conference in New York, where Microsoft will present Band, Lumia, and Surface. It is expected that the Surface Pro 4 will be the flagship for Windows 10 and will show all functions of the operating system such as Windows Hello and Continuum.The new devices are expected to intrigue the potential users and to encourage them to Windows 10. And increase network traffic on Windows 10, which reached 9.3% and traffic is already ahead of Windows XP. Microsoft deserves admiration for assurances growth of the new operating system.