Google, NASA and USRA buy the most powerful to this day quantum computer

Google, NASA and USRA (Universities Space Research Association) signed a contract with the company D-Wave Systems to purchase the latest quantum computer, D-Wave 2X. The computer system of the new generation will be installed in the joint Laboratory for Quantum AI QAIL (Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab).

Buyers intending to use new computer for quantum computing and programming to create powerful artificial intelligence, machine learning and in new tasks optimization. The contract provides technological service system D-Wave 2X company D-Wave Systems for a period of seven years. To date, Google and NASA use quantum computers D-Wave Systems from a previous generation.
D-Wave 2X is the third quantum computer created by company D-Wave Systems, which was announced in August this year and contains over 1,000 qubits - more than double the previous model. D-Wave 2X operate at temperatures lower than 15 milikelvina - a temperature which is 180 times lower than the temperature in the space. Tests show that the new quantum device solves complex problems in modern optimization 600 times faster than a classical computer, without time for input and output of data. In the inclusion of that time, D-Wave 2X is 15 times faster than a classical computer.