5 interesting things about the Android platform

You might think you know everything about the most popular mobile operating system in the world - Android, but is it so?Now if you can set the knowledge thanks to Android Pit. Here is what we will tell the media platform.

1. Android has not been created for smartphones

Few people know, but Android was actually conceived as a platform for digital cameras. On behalf of one of the company founders, Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin) comes the name of the platform "Android". When in the late 80s he still worked at Apple used the domain android.com as his personal site and so until 2008. Rubin, however, recognized the potential of smartphones and decided to compete with Windows Mobile and Symbian.

2. Google are financed by the National Security Agency and the US CIA

According to some conspiracy theorists, Google funded by the CIA and NSA as part of their program "information superiority". The program is designed for incubation of promising startup companies that could be used by the US government and military intelligence to guarantee their technological superiority in its future. Platform of Google, Android is deeply involved in these theories is often called by some "personal tracker, delivering data where we must."

3. Android Marshmallow will remember everything

Marshmallow allow you to back up all your passwords, preferences, settings and data on the servers of Google, so you do not have to enter them again each time you turn on your phone. Marshmallow will automatically make a backup of the current status of all your applications by default, writes digital.bg.

4. Android is not as open platform as you think

Most Android fans are proud of the openness of their favorite platform and the freedom that it gives them compared to Apple. But Google's freedom comes at a price. Manufacturers can freely use Android on their phones, but they must accept the agreement to Google before. According to him, a package of applications Google, must be included on any device that runs on Android. Although this may seem fair at first glance, not everyone sees it that way. You may have heard that the European Commission is investigating Google for breach of EU antitrust rules. Agreement of the company is based on these investigations.

5. Android will again allow the use of microSD cards

Remember when with Android KitKat, Google removed the possibility of easy access to the microSD cards for security reasons? Against the decision of the company stood both developers and consumers. This seems not reached the ears of Google, but as developers began to create workarounds to restore access e omicroSD cards in KitKat, Google took note.Android Lollipop offer better support for microSD memory cards, but Android Marshmallow carries things a step further.This is a huge win for developers and fans of microSD cards.