Microsoft Translator application is now available for devices with Windows 10

Microsoft has developed a new mobile application named Translator, which allow us to leap the language barrier and easy to translate a variety of texts. So far, the company conducted internal tests only with him, but now the title is now available for all users.
We note that it is optimized for the Windows platform 10 OS at this stage is still in beta, forward power user. The application itself supports over 50 different languages, and also allows you to make transfers from your camera, you shoot publications, signs, signs, menus in restaurants and more. In turn this feature now works with 10 languages, such as Microsoft Translator provides an opportunity to speak directly to your device from your smartfon.Kompaniyata develop and offline title that allows you to download predefined Translate packages and use them as you do not have Internet . Each translation that users carry away in Microsoft's servers so you can always look at your history and find everything you need. Another interesting feature of Microsoft Translator is kazva Word Of The Day and will direct your attention to a different word each day after inserting the application of their Start menu.