Twitter seems to abandon the limit of 140 characters

Microblogging network Twitter is working on a new format that will allow it published short messages yet not be so short. According to the site Re / code, which cites several familiar with the plans of the company sources, the change will come as a response to numerous consumer complaints that the limit of 140 characters it's too annoying.
At the same time, ever since it first appeared, it is this limitation in number of characters has become a major feature of the social network. The discussion whether the limit should be removed or not been updated many times, but now it raises new CEO on Twitter Jack Dorsey. "People have opinions on what constitutes Twitter and how it should evolve. If Jack come and tell us that this should be done, things will look quite differently," said one of the sources of Re / code. The other side, which also insists on removing the restriction, advertisers are looking for ways to better quality performance of products and services and reach more users. According to some, the introduction of the new format will make Twitter more accessible to people who are accustomed to using Facebook.