YouTube Launches Shopping Ads for direct shopping videos

YouTube announced the emergence of a new tool named Shopping Ads, which allows video platform to enter more heavily in e-commerce. This feature will enable millions of consumers to buy products that appear in their videos viewed. For some time, Google shows serious interest in e-commerce, after the company recently announced the introduction of a new Buy button through which consumers can shop directly from search engine results.
On YouTube it already operates TrueView technology that brings panels with product information alongside the video screen. Users can click a panel to receive more detailed information about it or make a purchase. Shopping Ads operates similarly, but instead remove ads, purchase options are built directly into the playing video. For example, if you view a product review widget you can click directly in the video to buy it. The idea is that this integration of the product and the video content is as natural, and besides, it gives another way for content creators to YouTube to make money. As with ads, Google will take a percentage of the revenues generated in this way. The company says it will begin testing the new functionality this fall, so you can expect a few months Shoppable Ads already part of the video platform.