Users with Windows 10 Home Pro does not and can disable the data collection

Many users do not like that in Windows OS are 10 built-in functions for gathering user data that are included by default and their exclusion can be done by an external software.
Head of Windows and Devices Group Windows Terry Myerson published in the corporate blog new information which addressed the issue of confidentiality. According to him, the current Windows 10 are set two basic principles of confidentiality: gathering information to improve the software itself and control the volume of the collected information. Some of these data are anonymous device identifier, the device type, bad data, and other applications running. Myerson says that any personal data (username, email) are not sent to servers at Microsoft, and transmitted data are well encrypted.Unfortunately Myerson did not answer a user question whether information is sent to the company's servers, where the settings are off.On the other hand, Myerson said in the section Safety and reliability of data (Safety and Reliability Data) in the corporate versions of Windows 10 to the end of this year will be given the option to turn off data collection, although this is not recommended. From these words it can be concluded that users of Windows 10 Home and Pro will have the opportunity to exclude systematic data collection.