The smallest drone in the world will only cost you $ 35

TRNDlabs Dutch company announced the launch of the smallest drone in the world - miniature gadget named SKEYE Pico Drone. It is so small that it can use landing and take your puppy or you can just tossed it in the air, and then control it by remote control into the sky.
The company promises that if you've never managed such a system, there is no better choice to start from SKEYE Pico Drone. It uses technology Ready to Fly (RTF) and has three levels of maneuverability, allowing users to manage it easily even in the most confined spaces. Any maneuvers in the air also be implemented quite easily.  Thanks to the built-in LED lights you can use the camera at night. "SKEYE Pico Drone is the smallest drone, which we did and it is also the youngest ever in the world. Its design is such that it can be worn anywhere, while the device is in your own controller," said the Dutch company . The starting price of the model is only $ 35, and his older brother SKEYE Mini Drone with HD camera you sell for $ 70