Very easy way to solve the problem of updates to Windows OS 10

Over the past two months appear constantly reports of problems with updates to Windows 10. Many users could not install additions for Windows 10, which should eliminate the perceived mistakes and introduce new functionality.
Updates or did not want to install, or led to constantly reboot the operating system. Recently noticed new problems with drivers for sound cards Realtek HD Audio, which is not installed on some older computers. Very easy solution to this problem proposed by a user of the social network Reddit. He noted that the exclusion of User Account Control (UAC) in Windows OS 10 eliminates the above problems installing the updates. Perhaps UAC block center update in Windows 10 in anticipation of the user's permission, and permission can not be given because no dialogs.
To turn off User Account Control is enough demand in the field to enter the UAC and to get to Change User Account Control settings, where for the UAC slider should move down. After installing the update runner must return to the same situation, because UAC helps protect your computer from viruses and backdoors.