British physicist explain why smartphones are falling face down

Robert Matthews of the University of Birmingham composition formula that determines the speed of rotation of the smartphone, falling from the hand of the user.
Joke or not, but scientists say that its formula allows to calculate the probability of falling smartphone on your display, depending on the height from which it was dropped, writes Emitted smartphone starting rotation about one of the fingers, as in this action, the center of gravity is below the axis of rotation. By gravity torque occurs, the communicator starts to move and slip out of his hands. The physicist says that the smartphone is rectangular parallelepiped, and its axis of rotation is arranged parallel to the small side. In the formula for angular velocity includes four parameters - the length of the smartphone L, acceleration of free fall g, the starting rotation angle δ and the distance between the center of gravity of the camera and the axis of rotation:
According to the scientist, if the user's fingers are lower center of gravity, the probability of falling on your display device exceeds 60% and is the best smartphone to keep close to the center of gravity. Research scientist was fully supported by Motorola, which began to produce smartphones with shatterproof screens.