Statistics showing which browser and which operating system you use most

10 Windows operating system has gradually increased its share of the distribution, but it becomes slower. Analytical statistics company Net Applications for November show that four months for Windows OS 10 has failed to catch up with 14-year-old operating system Windows XP, the maintenance of which was discontinued months ago, wrote Net Applications statistics show that Windows 10 occupies fourth place with a share of 9% (1.06 last month). Windows XP, in third position with 10.59 (-1.09%), the second was Windows 8.1 s 11,5% (-0,47) and leader is Windows 7 56% (0.4). During the first 30 days after its release Windows OS share of 10 jumped to 5.21% and then increased by around 1% a month.
As always, StatCounter presented his statistics showing that Windows 10 is in third place with a share of 10.17% (+ 1.1%).The interesting thing here is that Windows 7 is also the first place, but can not cover half the market - 49.27% ​​(-0.99%).These statistics show that Windows XP operating system is only in fifth place with a share of 8.5% (-0.53%). Regarding browsers to November is the leader Internet Explorer with a share of 50.3% (-0.83%), followed by Chrome 31,41% (+0,29) and Firefox with a share of 12.24% (+ 0,95%).