Trump: "Computers are too many complicated lives; do not blame Russia Hacking "

"Donald Trump hates computers" - this fact was once again affirmed. Trump dismissed allegations that Russia helped him win the election. He added that computers and computer technology only complicate people's lives and they already do not know and do not understand what is happening in their lives. President-elect of the United States does not use a computer. According to the popular web portal FossBytes, we should not expect that he will understand how computers work, what they mean and how make our lives easier. This statement by Trump was made on Wednesday, when he said that people should leave behind the alleged hacking of elections from Russia, and people simply must "take up your life."
According to Trump, the real culprit is not Russian President Putin. The reason should be sought in the computers' complicated life too much. " Computer era made people not particularly interested in their lives, added Trump. In recent weeks, US intelligence clearly gave to understand that Russia interfered in the election and helped Trump beat Clinton. Cited are a number of officials had reported that Putin himself is directly involved in the operation. Trump said he plans to meet next week with the management of intelligence to get the latest information. Note that President Obama has already announced sanctions against two Russian intelligence agencies. And the Obama administration expelled 35 Russian diplomat and close two Russian diplomatic missions in the United States.