Diablo became 20! Blizzard will mark the anniversary and other games

It is unbelievable, but tomorrow, December 31, 2016, marks exactly 20 years since the release of the original RPG game Diablo. But no kidding, legandarnata classic role-playing games, which over the years has ruined not one or two computer mice, appear in times when many of today's gamers already sworn not yet been born. This is undoubtedly a historic event for the entire game industry, so the company Blizzard Entertainment plans to celebrate the anniversary appropriately - with a bunch of themed events, prizes and surprises not only in Diablo, but in his other popular zaglaviya. Is the most "delicious "jubilee renewal is for Diablo III.
It comes in the form of a special event called "The Fall of Tristram," and in it players will again be able to experience the same sensations that had at first acquaintance with the original game Diablo. And where vented everything they expect many familiar and interesting things promise from Blizzard, they do not fail to warn players to look around and sideways into the shadows where they lurk unnamable uzhasii.V Heroes of the Storm anniversary will be celebrated with the advent of a new portrait in Diablo style and with new dynamic battles of unique battlefield. New scene expected players Hearthstone, which will have to unravel the mystery of a sinister hooded stranger card deck in his hands. Echo of the battle for Sanctuaries will extend to the futuristic world of Overwatch: the game will appear graffiti favorite characters from Diablo III, as well as the icon in the style of Lord of Terror. Meanwhile, StarCraft II will appear in Diablo style portrait, but in the world of World of Warcraft will penetrate inhabitants of Sanctuaries.