Hackers excluded NES Classic, upload new games to the USB

If you managed to get NES Classic Edition, probably 30 built-in games are already bored you. Nintendo has announced that it intends to add new titles, especially considering that the tiny console does not have a WiFi connection for downloading them, but resourceful hackers found a way to do it.
Two separate groups in Japan and Russia failed to do softmod console, so to add new NES games without the need for soldering or opening the box. The first thing to do SAVE game in Super Mario Bros., then connect the console to a computer with microUSB cable and start it in FEL mode.
This is done by holding down the Reset button and press Power in extinguished state. The next steps are now entirely at your own risk and include copies of system files NES Classic computer modification and transfer of the games program created by hackers. Finding of the ROM is also your task. In finished form, the console gets a new interface with a list of additional games and their covers.