MacBook Pro stopped a bullet and saved lives in shootings in Florida

Stories technique proved to the path of the bullet in dangerous situations, not less, and this time the unexpected hero is a laptop MacBook Pro. The machine stopped 9 mm bullet that hit the back of a man named Steve Frapie during the incident at the international airport "Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood" in Florida. Initially, the man thought the tone was heavy suitcase, as in panic, he hid near the bar luggage. It turned out, however, that in fact it is a ricocheted bullet and only laptop in at the back of his backpack proved crucial barrier.
The FBI's investigation confirmed that MacBook Pro really has stopped a bullet fired from the weapons of the attacker. The laptop was issued by the university, which taught man. Yesterday 26-year-old Esteban Santiago opened fire in one of the halls of the international airport. By shooting killed five people, dozens were injured. The man boarded a flight airline "Delta" and his only baggage was a firearm.