Facebook is automatically plays video clips with sound

Representatives of the social networking site Facebook announced that soon video clips of bands in consumer mobile applications will be placed immediately included sound. The sound will be activated immediately upon the appearance of the video screen and turns off once the user scrolls up and down the page. If the phone is in silent mode, the video will play as before, without sound. However, the ability to mute the original playback of the video will still provided - that you can do yourself in the application settings. According to the developers, preliminary tests showed that consumers have a positive attitude towards this innovation. Avtovazproizvezhdaneto volume will be gradually introduced in different regions. By the end of 2017 it will be released for all users of the social network. Another novelty is the emergence of the regime "picture in picture". Now, watching video, the user can simultaneously watch videos, and scroll bar. You think you know a good idea to implement this functionality?