YouTube continues to penal action to PewDiePie

After Disney stopped financial faucet of Kelberg, also known as PewDiePie, YouTube and Google also decided to take measures against nego.Disney decided to depart from PewDiePie, because of a series of anti-Semitic and racist videos. A little later and YouTube decided to do the same. No, the channel of the famous yutubar is there, but YouTube Red series had already been stopped and he can not take advantage of the benefits paid channel and show there - Scare PewDiePie. Furthermore, the video-sharing platform terminated its ability to take advantage of the program to access large advertisers targeting yutubari with many followers. Business Insider reports that controversial videos are already without advertising. His other materials in the channel was still available to employers, but now includes the ability to quit his advertising channel. The newspaper commented that this action is a blow not only for PewDiePie, but an own goal for YouTube Red, paid channel which users can watch videos without advertising and original videsadarzhanie against ten dollars a month. The popularity of the channel depends on the presence of particular people as PewDiePie, to make it profitable.