February will be in March for Microsoft's Patch Tuesday

Without giving explanations from Microsoft announced at short notice that it was necessary to postpone the publication of these updates for an indefinite period due to unforeseen problem. Without mentioning when to expect those updates. We now have clarity about it. The company updated information, saying it will merge the February and March Patch Tuesday. This probably means that Windows users can expect a pretty serious volume, package updates. He will arrive in the middle of next month, and more precisely on the 14th.
SecurityWeek commented that the delay could mean that the February update did not include fix for a serious hole, which is enabled the company to impose a one-month delay. As you know, Microsoft has changed the way of packaging updates, and whereas previously it was possible problem renewal to be removed from the package and released later, while the other updates to be delivered on time, then this is no longer possible. It is known that the February package had to address the problem in the SMB protocol. Exploitation can lead to a system crash and can be operated remotely - if the attacking party trick owner of a vulnerable system to follow the specially developed page that is housed exploit the vulnerability.