The interface of the LG G6 is designed specifically for the unusual 18: 9 screen

LG likes inserted in some interesting innovation in their phones like the buttons on the back or modular design, and it seems that the new LG G6 will be non-standard aspect ratio. The display advertised as FullVision, has a ratio of 18: 9 at 5.7 inches and 2880 × 1440 pixels resolution. This means that when you split the screen into two, get two almost perfect square and the company has developed its UX 6.0 interface specifically to take advantage of these opportunities. The first thing that comes to mind is multitasking with two windows, which is now supported by Android 7.0, and now this feature will shine even more because of the wide screen. For convenience, when you view the Calendar app horizontally on the left you will see the dates on the right - details commitments. Such innovative way there will be when watching video and surfing the Internet. When the camera can take square photos popularized by Instagram, and watch them on one side of the screen while viewing gallery rest on the other.