More problems for users on Yahoo

Yahoo started again sent out letters to users of their services with the notice that may have fallen victim to data theft. These emails that transmit users of social media, and subsequently leading Internet media, communicate to consumers that may have been victims of theft in 2015 or 2016. The company stated that government hackers were able to steal the source code of the software to help generate cookies, thanks to which they have conducted attack on registrations of consumers through "falsification of cookies" (cookie forgery), in which attack they could reaching mailboxes and accounts of users without having to know the passwords for them. Cookies are code that helps users save time in filling the information Authorised them the site they visit. The server behind the site generates a unique code that preserves and can recognize each user, providing access to registration. It is assumed that the source in his hands, the attacking party has obtained access to the mechanism by which cookies are generated and managed to enter the boxes to consumers without their need to know their passwords. "The investigation identifies user accounts, which we believe was used stolen or forged cookies. Yahoo's in the process of notifying all affected parties, "confirmed to ZDNet representative of the company.
It is not known whether the company has not hid this discovery by users, but the news comes in a week in which it became clear that the future owner of Yahoo, Verizon reduced the price of the company with a quarter of a billion dollars. Last year from Yahoo gushed over a billion consumer records in two separate incidents. Subsequently, the company said that four years ago have become a victim of hacker attack that was carried out by cybercriminals, backed by a foreign country. Still not much known about the attack, which led to the biggest data leak in history. Yahoo subjected to stress by their users as well as by US authorities who want to understand why the company has wings for the attack, after she knew about him before. At the same time the Internet dinosaur is on the verge of a deal that could save him from impetuous way down, in which the company has undertaken in recent years. The completion of the deal with Verizon, however, has been delayed and that past records and question hacker attack are guilty of this. Yahoo may pay a serious fine from US regulators, if found guilty, they knew to break away before I reveal, but did not notify users about it. Furthermore, users of the company's services brought several cases to Yahoo, which also may impose a financial burden on the company to have Verizon carry.