Signal began offering encrypted video

If you're paranoid topic online security, your work involves handling confidential information or just love how you sit on your head hat film, then you will be pleased to learn that the service offering protected by encryption communication Signal, introduced encrypted video. The said feature is in beta stage of development, but can be tested now, both sides communication must be activated from the settings menu (Signal Settings -> Advanced -> Video calling beta). Users of iOS, wanting to test but connected the device to your iCloud account is necessary to exclude the use of the service CallKit for VoIP, if you do not want the metadata of their communication to be kept on the servers of Apple. "Besides using calls directly from your lock screen of your device, you can also see obazhdaniyataa of Signal System in the list of" Recent calls "(Recent Calls). This is because iOS CallKit treats calls as standard call. This means that some information about it will be sinhronizirrana to iOS ", says the creator of Open Whisper Systems and developer Signal Moxie Marlinspike.