Canon introduced Oce Colorado 1640 - the first roller printer with revolutionary technology Canon UVgel

Canon introduced Oce Colorado 1640 - the world's first 64-inch wide printer that was created on the basis of the revolutionary Canon UVgel printing technology. UVgel technology was created by Canon to provide unprecedented productivity in great print quality on a very wide range of media for many different applications. Using the capabilities of UVgel, Oce Colorado 1640 is designed to meet the needs of peak production companies of all sizes producing high volume large format graphics demand business momentum.
Mark Loln, Director of Graphics and Communications at Canon Europe, said: "Demand for large format graphics applications is increasing and manufacturers want to be able to increase its production capacity to take advantage of market growth. Until now, they had to make significant technological compromises between speed, quality and choice of media. After the presentation of Oce Colorado UVgel 1640 with the new technology, Canon can now offer optimum balance between quality, productivity, automation, scope of application and operating costs. This new printer redefines the boundaries of roller printing, allowing graphics producers to grow by adding new capabilities and sources of revenue. "

Breakthrough performance

Faster than any other printer in this segment, with a top speed of 159 m2 / h for applications such as billboards or outdoor banners, the new Oce Colorado 1640 offers printing services providers unprecedented level of performance - even at the highest level quality, the machine reaches 40 m2 / h. Canon UVgel ink is instantly "hooked" in contact with the substrate, providing highly controlled and precise positioning point with minimal distraction. By minimizing the spill ink on the media and use the precise volume of ink in each pass, Oce Colorado 1640 creates rich, saturated images at super high speeds. Most modern low-LED-UV curing system moves independently of the printing system allowing a uniform, UV curing, which further contributes to the speed and quality of printing. UVgel final print is dry and ready for final processing or lamination, ideal for companies that operate in short terms of production and installation. Productivity in Oce Colorado 1640 is further increased by the ability to configure the double rollers, which allows the manufacturer to easily pass between the two kinds of media and sizes for faster production in various applications.

Wonderful quality

Oce Colorado 1640 gives a wonderful and constant image quality in a variety of print cycles. Precise instantly attach UVgel ink creates sharp images with minimal distraction while stable, controlled point is a wonderful color stability. Canon UVgel heads using a patented system for continuous acoustic monitoring process and correction when necessary of the work of each nozzle, virtually eliminating white lines. This allows highly automated printing and low waste production. As with all roller printers, an important factor for print quality and scale of application is the accuracy with which the machine moves used media. Heavy and sturdy frame of the printer, its sustainability and industrial grade components provide stability to the movement of materials. The system uses an optical system that continuously monitors the movement of media to automatically adjust each step, if necessary.

Wide range of applications

Oce Colorado 1640 is suitable for organizations that produce materials for internal and external applications, including posters, banners, signs, POS, billboard and glass coating and walls. Besides UVgel low heat process that uses LED curing, UVgel ink contains no water, which significantly reduces the swelling of the media and thus improves the consistency of proportions. UVgel ink reproduces a wide range of colors compared to eco-soluble inks, but environmental and characteristics of latex and UV inks. UVgel seal is durable, neizblednyavasht and highly resistant to conditions encountered in outdoor applications and bezaromaten and nesadarzhashti VCL printed materials meet the highest requirements for internal use.

Accelerated return on investment

Oce Colorado 1640 is designed for low total cost of operation and accelerated return on investment. Canon UVgel technology reduces ink consumption by almost 40% compared to competing technologies, thanks to more efficient way of ink, significantly lower need for supportive inks and eliminating the need for SEOs. The possibilities for automation of printer reduces the operating time of the operator to a third of the usual necessary. Mark Loln notes: "In 1640 Oce Colorado Canon creates radical innovation in roller printing, enabling printers that operate at low volumes available opportunity to achieve production printing for rapid return on investment. For those who already operate at high volumes, the system represents the latest technology at an affordable price. UVgel technology will allow companies to produce graphic images to reveal their potential in terms of performance and range of applications, providing them thus powerful platform for profitable expansion. "