Cassini shot mysterious moon of Saturn-shaped flying saucer

NASA spacecraft Cassini, which is now in orbit around Saturn filmed and sent to Earth a few photographs, which shows one of the most mysterious moons of the giant planet - Pan (Pan).

This companion is within the A ring and has a huge impact on the form and structure of the system rings of Saturn. Now Cassini is orbiting Saturn, passing very close to the ring A. This is the penultimate phase of the mission, allowing scientists to study in detail the thin ring system of the giant gas planet and its system of moons. Cassini should do five laps around the rings of Saturn, then will begin the final stage of his mission called "great final" scheduled for April 26 this year. Pan is considered by scientists to companion-pastor who moves around Saturn within its ring system. The satellites of this type maintain a constant width of space between the rings and the gravitational influence of moons creates undulating movements of the material in the rings.
On 7 March, Cassini approached Pan off 12,572 km and shot. The photographs are real without any electronic processing. But without further cleaning and processing are visible characteristics and very unusual form of satellites - a flat world with equatorial projections.