Former CIA chief gave the expiration of secret data of generational problem

Cultural characteristics of the "children of the new century" are guilty of leaking of classified information in recent years by US secret services. This convinced the former head of the NSA and the CIA Michael Hayden. Speaking of the revelations of Wikileaks, Hayden said in an interview with the BBC that people born around the turn of the century are more likely to "culturally" to part with classified information. "I'm not going to judge them, but this group of" children of the century "and related groups simply have a different understanding of words like" loyalty "," secret "and" transparency "of my generation.
So we invite these people in the agency - they guess good Americans - but culturally they have very different instincts of those who hired them, "he said on" Washington Times ". Hayden apparently does not share the opinion of some media that were quick to blame the Kremlin for the emergence of thousands of pages of files on Wikileaks this week. It justifies its claim for generational difference, indicating Manning and Snowdon - both under 30 years of age. It is unclear, however, whether accuses the youth of those former representatives of US law enforcement agencies or the conditions of today. "We probably are confronted with different cultural approach that we saw in Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, and now we're dealing with maybe a third actor," says Hayden. "Washington Times" countered the opinion of Hayden, recalling that far from all people issued dirty secrets of Washington were Americans under 30. For example, Daniel Elsberg, blame for the spread of so-called. "Pentagon records" (Pentagon Papers) is 40 when they are published and Mark Felt, of whom started scandal "Watergate" that led to the overthrow of Richard Nixon, it is close to 70 years. Wikileaks itself said in the publication of archives the files of Year Zero comes from "an isolated, highly secure network" in the middle of the hacker community CIA.