Chinese Robotics is developing extremely fast

The 'Made in China 2025 "gives the rabototehnik strategic importance for the development of the industry
Robotics in China is developing very rapidly, following the government's plan ten years known as "Made in China 2025", reported Taiwanese sources.The country has great interest in robots, but local production is only satisfied 26.7% of demand in 2015. In recent years, Chinese manufacturers have accelerated the development of robots, thanks to government support. Besides manufacturing and other sectors already deployed robots notes
But the development of Robotics in China is accompanied by two risks - excessive investment in robots low grade, respectively, with low added value, and the consequent glut on the market. The 'Made in China 2025 "was promulgated in May 2015 .. It gives the rabototehnikata strategic importance for the development of the industry. In July 2016 the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China published a plan for the development of Robotics, which included 10 main types of robots and 5 key components. Since Japan and Europe dominate the development and delivery of key components for robots, many manufacturers in China focus on secondary development of robotic systems, specialized components and after-sales service.
Largest manufacturers of robots in China Siasun Robot & Automation, Effort Intelligent Equipment and GSK CNC Equipment. The first of these develops and manufactures robots for home, education and entertainment, and the other two companies specialize in service robots.