Desperate system administrator at his dismissal halted work on all computers in the enterprise

Former system administrator uses the back door to sabotage the work of his company, but forgot to cover his tracks. Now the poor system administrator could get 10 years in prison and a fine of $ 250 000 for the use of a back door for illegal stopping the operation of the enterprise in which he worked.
41-year-old Joe Venzor Vito (Joe Vito Venzor) was fired from the company for the production of shoes Lucchese Bootmaker. He was so angry that his former colleagues could not hour to bring it out of the building. Then the hacker used a secret account created long ago to stop the operation of the mail server through which orders are accepted and organize production processes. And yet, Venzor deleted some system files and block employee access to their accounts.

The company cried outside experts to investigate the case. The experts soon discovered that he took the administrator account details to colleagues and save them in a separate file using a corporate e-mail sent to his personal email. The order of the accounts and passwords for them coincide with the order blocking the accounts of the employees. Outdoor is the secret account, disguised as a laser printer. According to the logs, penetration happened exactly on the day of his dismissal. The verdict is to be delivered in June this year.

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