Europol: technologies today are the basis of almost all serious crimes

Document fraud, money laundering and online trade in illegal goods are basically all serious criminal activities. This is the opinion that expressed by the European police agency Europol. "This type activities entail and facilitate almost all, if not all activities of organized crime and serious crime these days," reads part of the report of the organization, which examines the state of crime in the European area.
Not only ransomware threats that encrypt data and extort money are becoming more danger. Today, traditional crime benefit increasingly from the technology. For instance, today drug traffickers often use drones and attackers are using the Internet and computers to monitor traffic around the targeted around them home or monitor social networks to know when their owners are not home. Cybercrime is a growing challenge for law enforcement agencies and major incentive for this is a CaaS (cybercrime-as-a-service) model, which gives the hands of technically less adept criminals access to the structure, tools and significant profits for cybercriminals . Another contributing factor to the growth of criminal activities in the European area are darkueb spaces - specialized resources darkueb or compromised legitimate websites in "normal" network - giving protection to criminals by high levels of encryption and anonymity, making it difficult their capture and arrest their activities, says the report. Virtually every illegal commodity, whether it comes to drugs, illegal weapons, forged documents or otherwise - can now be found online. Disclosure report indicates the use of legal platforms for sharing images drug trade. Additionally malicious code distributed on the Internet, serious and increasingly common reality represent breakthroughs network to steal data compromised web resources, extortion (by malware and DDoS attacks). A serious problem with the publication of images of sexually abused children, and the use of these materials to blackmail the persons concerned and maligned in.