Viber releases secret chat with the self-destructing messages

Known communication application Viber will release new features for secret chat later this week. This update is an extension of the idea of ​​secret messages Viber introduced recently. With them, users can set a limit on how long to be visible a message or picture. If it sounds like Snapchat, it's true. The difference with the new secret chat is that whole conversation will be able to "self-destruct" a preset whether the exchange of messages between two users or group chats. Alternatively you to "lock" chat with a PIN number
Moreover, Viber will block the possibility to make screenshots of secret chat, and will notify users when their interlocutors have tried to do so. New updates are iOS and Android version of the app will come in a few days. Viber was founded in 2010 and has over 800 million users.