Google's new site allows for changing the appearance on Android

Changing the look and appearance of the Android mobile operating system is one of its main advantages. But while some users like this option, for others it is less because of having to make a choice between numerous wallpapers, icons and other applications, which is time consuming.
To help consumers in this regard, Google unveiled a new online tool that simplifies the selection of the most appropriate appearance of Android. The website #myAndroid ( provides test, which asked several questions, defining what look is best suited to your preferences. Set question of experience with Android (initial, intermediate, advanced), wonders whether more like monochromatic or colorful mode, muted or saturated tones, bright or dark colors, cool or heat radiation, etc.

When the user answers all questions, which takes about a minute, he gets a theme with wallpapers, widgets, folders and icons keyboard, consistent with the experience and preferences of the user. Give references to Google Play Store. If the proposed option is not liked, nothing prevents test should be passed once or several times and everyone to find something new for yourself.