Companies are confident in cyber defense, but are not well prepared

The heads of some of the largest companies in the world are confident that they have the necessary protection to cyber attacks, but in practice are not well prepared for them. This says a new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers, entitled Undaunted, but underprepared? - Analytical document, according to which 86 percent of executives are adamant that they can protect corporate information.
The report marks the first time in five years, when the bosses of private companies are more confident in cybersecurity from those of state companies.
The data in this report were collected after interviews with 781 executives from 79 held. The problem is that despite the confidence they seem prepared to practice. Almost half (41%) do not even worry about cyber threats and one third are not interested in changes in the technological world.
"It actually makes them more vulnerable to cyber attacks, so in theory they should worry far more than they do in practice," said Stephanie Hyde by PwCAccording to her, this is the most worrying conclusion of the report, as hackers now target precisely in private companies.