Intel buys Mobileye for $ 15 billion

Renowned producer of Intel processors decided to buy the company Mobileye, known primarily for its software for unmanned vehicles, for an amount between 14 and 16 billion US dollars. Information is publishing the Israeli Haaretz, which quotes its sources informed. According to this information for the transaction today will be officially announced by Intel and Mobileye.
So far, no comment from those companies. Working together, Intel and Mobileye started in 2016 when they took together with a common technology for unmanned control cars of the concern BMW. Created new technologies are successful and this year the roads need to go 40 robotic BMW cars for detailed testing and improvement. Software and hardware technologies Mobileye used by leading automotive manufacturers - Volvo, BMW, GM and others. Israeli company creates chips for unmanned vehicles Tesla. Shares of Mobileye were listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2014. The market immediately reacted to this news and preliminary auction earlier in the week, their price rose by 33%. After completion of the auctions on March 10, the Israeli company capitalization reached $ 10.6 billion.