See the first flying car Airbus - Pop.Up

In recent months several times its reported that Airbus is preparing the marketing of its first flying car. Now, this is already happening - or at least its prototype. During the 87th international motor show in Geneva, Italdesign and Airbus present to the world Pop.Up - the first modular, all-electric transport system designed to ease traffic in the crowded metropolises. Pop.Up provides a modular system for multi-modal transport by land and by air. The idea is the result of joint vision of Italdesign and Airbus on decisions related to the fight against transport challenges in overcrowded megacities worldwide. Considering the huge projected increase in congestion by 2030, the two companies decided to join their engineering knowledge to achieve sustainable, multi-modal urban mobility system. This led to the creation of the concept of Pop.Up.
Pop.Up system contains three basic components:
  • platform with artificial intelligence that manages the complexity of travel and offers alternatives, while also providing a smooth and comfortable ride
  • transport means in the form of a travel capsule designed to bind to two independent electric module (module ground and air module). Other means of transport could also be attached to the capsule Up.
  • interactive system communicating with a passenger in a completely virtual environment
Pop.Up capsule combines the flexibility of a small two-seater ground vehicle with the freedom and speed of vertical takeoff and landing air machines. The mode of action of Pop.Up is simple: travelers plan their trip and book it in an easy to use application. The system automatically offers the best transport solution over time, traffic flow and the individual requirements of the user, connecting air or ground unit.
At the heart of the project is a capsule designed to accommodate and carry passengers. This high-tech cocoon with carbon fiber has a length of 2.6 meters, height 1.4 meters and width of 1.5 meters. The capsule was converted into a city car being attached to the surface module which has a chassis of carbon fiber and is powered by batteries. Travel in megacities with more traffic, the capsule separated from the earth module and tolerated in the air by 5 4.4 m air module, powered by eight counter-rotating rotors. So Pop.Up becomes urban unmanned aircraft, taking advantage of the third dimension to get from point A to point B efficiently and without any traffic jams. Once the traveler reaches its destination, the modules together with the capsule alone return to the designated refueling stations where waiting for their next customers.
Thanks to its combination of the capsule by other means of public transport, Pop.Up offers carefree road experience. The user can stay all the time in the same capsule and do not have to worry about changing the vehicle. It can be enjoyed on the road leaving the capsule to interact in real time with the surrounding urban environment. The leader in aviation Airbus use its expertise to actively develop a number of radical concepts that will contribute to relieve urban congestion. "Adding a third dimension to the user-friendly multimodal transport network will undoubtedly improve our lifestyle and how we get from point to point B," said Mathias Thomsen, General Manager of Urban Mobility Airbus. "The successful design and implementation of solutions that will work both in the air and on the ground requires the collaboration of aviation and automotive sector, with the cooperation of local governments for infrastructure. Italdesign, with his long experience in the design of exclusive vehicles is an exciting partner for Airbus in this unique project. "
"Italdesign is a company established to provide services and transport solutions to stakeholders worldwide. In our DNA is deeply pledged to seek exceptional solutions for the future, "said the executive director of Italdesign Joerg Astalosh. "Today the cars are part of a much broader ecosystem: if you want to create a city car of the future, traditional car can not be a solution to the metropolis. We also need to consider sustainable infrastructure, applications, power systems, urban planning, social aspects and so on. In the coming years, ground transportation will be extended to the third dimension, "continues Astalosh. "In the face of Airbus, we found the perfect partner able to realize this modern vision for the future of public transport in big cities."