iPhone 8: how the smartphone will look to the future

The designer Gabor Balogh after analyzing all the information for future iPhone 8 prepare their own visualization of this smartphone. The specialist has concluded that the phone will be seamless and will also be equipped with many innovative features for added reality.

Remember that this model Apple's smartphone has not been confirmed. But rumors of its release spread with incredible speed. Gabor Balogh believes that very soon we will see the new creation of the company Steve Jobs. Based on previous "leaks", the designer assumes that the phone will look as follows. 
The designer has focused attention on the two main components of the phone - seamless screen function augmented reality Siri AR.Appendix Siri AR will occupy almost the entire lower part of the smartphone. This will be a kind of separate functional area. This system extends from gadgets complementary AR technology. Each widget will have its function: to recognize objects and places, and the other - to measure the distance third - check the health of the owner of the phone. As reported by Gabor Balogh, support for additional reality will have other applications, such as Facebook.

According to the expert, We recall that the opinion of the designer - this is just another concept fan of the iPhone. However, this vision of the smartphone of the future looks promising and interesting. We will add that Apple has long been interested in AR technology. Perhaps soon we will see just such iPhone 8.