Nearly 200,000 applications will become useless by coming to iOS 11

Around 187,000 mobile applications in practice will become useless when iOS 11 become standard platform for devices of Apple. According to analyst firm Sensor Tower, the expected update that will end 32-bit support will affect 8% of all programs the App Store.
However, the final figure could be much larger, as the company's data are based on applications added to the online platform to September 2013 with the release of iPhone 5s. It was the first iPhone 5s iOS device with 64-bit processor, but Apple introduced the requirement that new applications to provide 64-bit support only in February 2015 Existing applications had to make this an update to June 2015.
iOS 11 is a logical boundary claims Sensor Tower and recalls that the beta of iOS 10.3, Apple added a warning that 32-bit applications will not work with future versions of iOS. Previously, the company warned only that 32-bit applications will slow the device.