Amazon gives access to Alexa's voice technology

Software developers can now use the technology that feeds Alexa's digital assistant to Amazon. So they will be allowed to add a voice command control option to their applications and programs. The goal of the e-giant is to become a leading player in the field of computing activity, controlled by voice.
The dedicated voice platform will be called Lex and will help other chatters and assistants sound more friendly and more authentic than their automated predecessors. It is the chat that is one of the most current trends in the technology world and Amazon's desire to intervene more actively there is quite logical. Lex will be based in the cloud, not in the software itself. This means that Amazon will continuously update the data platform gathered from the communication of millions of users with Alexa. According to Amazon, people enjoy a lot of Alexa at home, but they prefer the assistants of their phones like Siri when they're on the move. If outside the home they use the services of Amazon, this will be an important victory for the company, which will be able to collect even more data on the improvement of the platforms.

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