Firefox will have options for performance tuning

Mozilla announced that it intends settings of web browser Firefox add a section for configuring performance. With the new settings is possible to change the parameters on the performance of the user interface of used RAM and others. Experienced users probably know how to limit the number of processes interface in order to reduce the use RAM, but normal users usually do not deal with this functionality. The section "Performance" in your browser settings allows to change the parameters of the browser interface. The user can click on "Optimize Firefox" or choose the default settings.
Slightly Below is an option for manual adjustment process (1 to 7) can be switched off animations and turning the preview web pages.
Exclusion of the latter two options improves browser on older computer systems, and the first option optimizes the stability operation. Thanks to new options each user will be able to find the right compromise between the use of RAM and responsiveness of the interface. Best results are achieved with automatic optimization, but it excludes any extensions installed in the browser.

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